Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Les Rallizes Denudes - Live 77

'The 70's Japanese guitar psych holy grail known as "Live '77" is
an echoing, droning, heavy psych jam that will destroy your mind.
Disc one starts off exploring Les Rallizes mellow side, all sensitive and lovely, with "Enter The Mirror", but then soon explodes into sheer amplified overload, with throbbing mantric rhythms and a rough, raw live sound, but really all the fuzz and distortion and grit sounds just right. There's four long tracks on disc one, three long tracks on disc two. By the time the epic 20+ minute "The Last One" on disc two marches into white noise oblivion, you -- and maybe your speakers -- will be fried.' - aquarius records

Disc 1 / mp3

Disc 2 / mp3